Welcome to religion-education, this is an introduction to religion education: [1] religion education a course of studies about morality, [2] religion can be defined as believe, in it you can find faith, hope, work and belief, [3] religion is an access of motivational growth towards righteosness/unrighteousness, [4] religion is a path towards Godliness/ungodliness, [5] religion as a field of entries, in it you could discover varieties of denominations [6] religion as example: christians-religion, islamic-religion, buddhaism-religion, hinduism-religion etc, pls, study these six weeks introductory project as preparation,that could be discussed within six weeks times, regards, jesmion for: p2p-religion-education. Week 1/2 religion-education course of studies about morality: what’s morality: standard principle, power towards right/wrong, force to be/not? Week 2/3 religion can be defind as believe, in it you can find faith, hope, work, and belief: what’s believe: trust, confident, faith? Week 3/4 religion an access of motivational growth towards righteousness/unrighteousness: what’s access: way, easy, ableness? Week 4/5 religion a path to Godliness/ungodliness: what’s path: channel, pave-way, express? Week 5/6 religion as a field of entries , in it you could discover varieties of denominations: what’s varieties: assorted, different, many-types? Week 6/6 religion as: christians-religion, islamic-religion, buddhaism-religion, hinduism-religion etc, what’s religion: ideology, reverence to the Reverend, focus to the Reverend? [1] religion a course of studies?: it’s project/lessons [2] religion can be define as believe, in it you find faith, hope, work and belief: believe in what?: either [3] religion an access of motivational growth towards righteosness/unrighteosness: and why?: many believe, yet insubordinate: [4] religion a path towards Godliness/ungodliness: why is religion so?: it’s belief not forceful, [5] religion a field of entries, in it you could discover varieties of denominations: and why?: example: many pretend believing in God, that’s essence of God’s religion [6] 75e21e05-jsc.jpg


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  2. Religion for instance: christian, islam, buddha, hindui, etc, why these?: ans: these are believers, depending on through whom they believe, remember that christianistic, islamic, etc are Organizations, they professes religion, may be their religion is God’s?……… What’s religion?: ans: religion is ideology, believe, religion is as a person who’s interested towards a supernatural, and the quality of religion is religious, when somebody is religious that person must have been a dedicated, and has completely doing the whole rules of the religion:

  3. Hello Larry, God bless you, in regards to questions asked: ‘is religion not man made? ans: religion is an institution of God by the hand of Moses,during when God called Moses and on the Sinia mountain God gave a moral laws and instructions to guide mankind [psalm 105. 7] these instructions were embedded on the stone tablet and was kept carefully in the box called “covenant box of God” and later were reprinted on the scrolls, and later written on papers, so, religion is believe, but God’s own religon is by the hand of Moses and Aaron the first high priest of God’s religion, although there are other man made institutional religion, example: hinduism, buddhaism etc, Thanks

  4. Jesmion appealed to God in the early morning of 29th Oct 2013, and in the 30th October’s evening of 2013 there was heavy down fall of rain which spoilled many things, at the appearing of the heavenly, in the conference, i told them about the war which BadMeat and his groups are waging against me,

  5. The heathen, idol’s worshipers said in their prophecy that Jesmion “bu ebulu eji adga-abia” meaning that Jesmion is a “ram use for funeral dancing”?… but the prophets of God said that Jesmion is a worker of God, and that God fulfilled everything through? Which one of these would you vote right?….

  6. Well, we believe God spoke to the prophets, Amos 3.7, i dont believe the heathen, because God doesnt speak to them, beside, Jesmion is not Ram, He’s a high-priest of God, and prophet of God to the nations in particular, therefore, i vote the Prophets of God right,

  7. One from Hebo biafran community said, that he has power to wrestle with Jesmion a son of the living God, let no one put hand for him he said, and as Jesmion appeared, he came against Jesmion and at the stages of the fight, each other held themselves by the hand and all of a sudden the enemy of Jesmion got himself unconscious and tormented on the ground and was seen no more, this happen in the presence of Hebo biafran community ‘in spirit’ any comment? ans: well, that’s a stupid fellow among the Hebo biafran community ‘am sorry for so called selves acclaimed clergies and prophets that full-up everywhere, as they saw Jesmion they started waging wars against him, because they are not call of God to serve, only thay received by grace the outpouring of the holy-spirit of God which God had poured on all flesh ‘joel 2.28’ example: Elijah was chosen by God as prophet, yet there were other prophets in israel, but God said to Elijah, get ready and anoint Elisha as your successor because am taking you to heaven, and Elijah anointed Elisha as God said, and when Elijah was being taken to heaven he droped a mantle ‘power’ to Elisha and as other prophets saw him they united and submitted themselves to Elisha, making Elisha their masters, they didnt stage wars against Elisha to defeat him because he was only one man without church members or followers, nor did they rejected him because he has no money or ride on expensive cars, rather, they accepted him when he didn’t even have a donkey to carry him to Jerusalem, even Jesus a son of the living God, when he was to travel Jerusalem he borrowed a donkey while rich people ride on horses and caravans, even Jesmion a son of the living God had been abused for decades by the nigerian influentials, even mrs badmeat the enemy of God insults Jesmion among others, waging wars ups and down against Jesmion for decade plus, and insulting Jesmion’s helper ‘wife’ for marry Jesmion a poor man etc , ‘JESMION IS A ‘HERO’ AWARDED BY PEER2PEER UNIVERSITY AND A WRITER OF ‘HTML’ AWARDS 2013′

  8. Hebo-biafra zone 2 suleja abuja branch brought holy soap for rubbing for my son’s recovery, the women of Umudioka suleja branch gave N3000.00[three thousand naira] for my son’s recovery Barrister Aghaegbuna gave N1000.00 [one thousand naira] for my son’s recovery, ‘ reasons i love Hebo biafrans and blessed them is because i didn’t have any person to accompany me for the case between i Jesmion and Badmeat which Badmeat had transfered to Hebo biafran community for continuation, but during the conclusion after questions has been asked, then, the Hebo biafran community asked the plaintiff=BADMEAD and the defendant=JESMION to give way along with their wives, and we did, but Badmeat was still having within the community some of his followers while i Jesmion didn’t, but as we were called ins to hear the verdict, a young man allowed by the chairman spoke-up said, Jesmion, you didn’t have any one in the community to represent you as Badmeat have many, that’s reasons we said when you are coming you should come along with some, but hence you are not having any person we who are here are your persons, we are people to any who don’t have people, that’s when i know that good Heo biafra can’t maltreat you simply because you are alone, poor and doesn’t have any who support you or belong to you, that’s when i know that Hebo biafran is a people to the good person who don’t have people, and i Jesmion a son of the living God said, it’s well with the Hebo biafrans, no witness followed i Jesmion to challenge my oppenents or stay for us during conclusion of the case, but Hebo biafran community seeing that i Jesmion didn’t have any, and they said, let i not worry we are all your people and support,we are all for you, we can’t be against you simply because you are alone, even if your oppenent have 100 supporters doesn’t make senses, and the chairman of Hebo biafran said: prophet Jesmion, pls, lead us in prayers and i Jesmion led the prayers,’for God’s guidance and peace both in our different places’

  9. In the dream of 30th Nov. 2013, there was a personnel paying of a company, he was paying workers starting from the small wages, as i Jesmion come to him for my own wages to be paid, he can’t pay me due to that my wages is great, when i approached him, he said to me that he can’t afford my wages because my wages is great and the nations are owing, he then, buckled himself and said to me that he is going to destroy them because they are owing and he went, but he has reach at a distance of electric pole-gaps, then, i call on him to come back and told him said, don’t go destroying them, then, he agreed and came back to me, as he was escorting me and was moving with me by my right-side, i said to him, so, if i didn’t called you back you would have destroyed all? ‘really they are wrong and uses God for playing’ yet i still like the angels for obedience and faithfulness,

  10. If God had been hearing prayers of sinners i don’t think the world would be a place of living, because prayers of sinners is that God will burn and put confusion, that the holy-spirit will destroy and uproot all who are not friendly with them these sects are not belonging to any church, and even if they are belonging to any church God will not hear their prayers, am Jesmion, these sects speaks whatever they like and claim to be praying, these sects don’t have problem, their problems is to command God to set fire, and let the holy-spirit destroy and set fire on all who are not friendly with them should die!!! am Jesmion, am not supporting them and i will not plead God to do what they are saying, because they speaks out of points, iam priest Jesmion, i can’t address their prayers to God because their prayers is not good, ‘ but Priest Jesmion, you are Priest only of your own church? ans: well, am priest of Godalmighty, am not priest of denominations and segregations, but you are rebelious, you think that your prayers can reach God without me? ans: is that the reasons you are rebelious, thinking that God will accept your request without i priest Jesmion addressing it to God? ans: you may have billions of priests with you and lacks a chosen priest of God, then, what’s the value of the billions? ans:

  11. In the early morning of 3rd Dec. 2013, during early morning services a friend like Jeremiah came to our early morning service and after prayers he then proceed to message all persons one by one, but i Jesmion prophet of God to the nations prevented him doing so, and i said, we worship God by faith, the agreement is that God would speak to moses and moses will speak to people concerned, so, any spirit that speak to people directly instead of to a chosen prophet of God is prevented, God said that it wouldn’t do anything without letting its chosen prophet know about it, in 30th Nov. 2013, an angel of God would destroy nations because they are owing, and it let i Jesmion knew about it, the word of i Jesmion the prophet of God to the nations is : ‘we worship God by faith’

  12. Jesmion people have gotten a way through which they afflicts you? ans: well, is it only a way?…. I have been afflicted for decades in many ways, it’s not only today that i have been afflicted, even the national power authority expelled my wife when she came to pay light bills with N1000.00, they expelled her from nepa office and increased her monthly bills to N4000.00 per a month and have come with nepa authority and cut off wires of connection, does all these evils prevents Jesmion from working for God? ans: never, Jesmion works for God for 24/7, the ideas that nigeria get is evil ideas of afflicting Jesmion a prophet of God to the nations, so that God messenger ‘JESMION’ will fall for them and begging them food, but even if Jesmion fall for them and begging them food God must be against them for such evil acts, even if a messenger of God beg them food does it make any sense? ans: they can only laugh and think they have defeated God, just like Daniel whom the people of his time conspired against, these people don’t know that if i Jesmion, prophet of YHWH to the nations beg them food that God will be against them, God is talking that they are owing, and God’s ready to destroy them but i Priest Jesmion is still pleading God for that, and their evil advisers are still misadvising them the more evils they will do, but the government is the cause, why should they go to them for advise hence they know what’s right to do? what do they think that the enemies of Jesmion would tell them about Jesmion if not evil advises and how to torture Jesmion? so, government is wrong for going to the enemies of Jesmion for advises about Jesmion, because the enemies will advise them to torturing Jesmion and nothing else, to show Jesmion that they are the owner of the country, what lesson did you learn? ans:

  13. In the dream of 5th Dec. 2013, there appeared two holy ones one was standing about a pole waiting for the one that came to me, the holy one that came to i Jesmion had hugged i Jesmion and said to i Jesmion: i appreciated your candid take this little offer, but i Jesmion would refused, but it dropped the money into my hand and said to i Jesmion, your candid is more than what i have to offer, the services you render is greater than what i can offer, but accept this little gift from me, one was waiting for the one that came to appreciate my candid, that’ts mean it’s aware of the appreciating gratitudes, i Jesmion said to the one that hug me in appreciating gratitude: what shall we do to continue our good relationship? the relationship is tight if not it wouldn’t hug me and offer me gift for my candid, ‘reasoned by i Jesmion’ what ideas do you grasp from this true subjects, what’s your comment about Jesmion and the angels that appreciated Jesmion’s candid?……ans……

  14. Priest Jesmion, how do the enemies feel about your good works for all mankinds? ans: the enemies didnt feel happy they would murmuring that i would let the angels destroy nations, so they can see, they felt that my prophecy is words opposite that it can’t maturize, and Jesmion what do you think? ans: well, the lord say that they are owing yet they increasing debt every-day, that’s mean that they want the angels to destroy them, really they want angels of God to destroy them, may be they have their prayer warrior that can defeat God, or some other confidence? but where would they be to see the destructions? A people who have been destroyed, Can a dead person see what’s happening again? Can a condemned people have a warrior that will fight against God? Where would the dead people be to see? they murmuring, let angels of God destroy nations let them see! they didn’t appreciate Jesmion that plead God for them, when Noah was warning the people of his own times, they challenges Noah, said that nothing would happen, they continue in their evils, now the angel of God had said that it should destroy them because they are owing, they didn’t even make any effort to pay but they increases the debt every day, really, they want the angel to destroy them, but i Jesmion have told the angel of God to came back from destroying them, yet they seldomly appreciate the good i Jesmion have done, they think that they can get God or angels of God by their cultural dancing, but the lord said that it will destroy them because they are owing, nomatter how they claps hand, sing and dances to welcome the lord, but the lord is saying they are owing, it’s not clapings of hands, singing and dancing which they are doing, thinking that they could get God by that, but the lord said that it will destroy them because they are owing, please let’s know what God is pointing, your claps, songs and dances is not what God is pointing, it say that it will destroy you upon these your pretence because you are owing, so, if you rub pancake and put all kinds of beatiful ornaments or you may lift-up your pointed nose and stand before God, thinking that God will lust on that, but the lord say that it will destroy you because you are owing ‘please leave comments of your opinion on God’s ideal and human ideology’ …….

  15. Priest Jesmion, do you know that your enemies are abusing you in their houses? ans: well, when they finish abusing me they will later seek for salvation, then, they will know who give them salvation, but priest Jesmion, they assumed that your church is not the only church, there are many churches everywhere where somebody could get salvation? ans: well, they have hope somewhere, that’s why they are abusing me, but perhaps, their hope could disappoint them on the day of salvation: ‘pls, draw analogy about the neglected messenger of God and the honoured ones, remember that Jesus was among the neglected messenger of God, give reasonable comment on the above project: ……..

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